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PABULUM offers many services to help make your life easier. In this competitive and ever changing business environment you need an Program and Institutional Management Support and Executive Administrative Services professional in your corner:

Administrative Support

  • Staff augmentation & HR support

  • Policy development, documentation & reporting

  • Meeting organizing, execution, logistics

  • Secretarial and administration support

  • Information documentation and  control

  • Security, safety and badging

  • Configuration Management (CM) and action tracking

  • Strategic planning

  • Mission Support

  • Health Service Support


Planning, arranging and executing complex travel logistics for: Domestic

  • International

  • Commercial or private aviation 


We bring years of experience designing the right itinerary based on schedule and budget.

Project & Event Management
Producing, planning and managing events is one of our favorite things to do. The challenges are many, yet the rewards are great. We have experience working on long-term projects and events with cross-functional teams with great success keeping on budget and on-time. 

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