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PABULUM is excited to announce that we recently partnered with Huckeye Health Care Services to form Pabulum-Huckeye JV ("Pabulum-Huckeye"). We are equally excited to announce that Pabulum-Huckeye, as a teaming partner, was recently awarded the Veterans Health Administration Integrated Critical Staffing Program IDIQ Contract (VHA ICSP) to provide staffing, program management, and human capital support.

The Pabulum-Huckeye JV is an SDVOSB Joint Venture between Pabulum Consulting LLC and Huckeye Health Services LLC. Pabulum-Huckeye is Joint Venture proud to be championed by an 8(a) and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), with a mission to leverage this unique position to create dynamic solutions, while ensuring the highest standards of staffing. We are committed to integrating our small business agility with unparalleled dedication to service, meeting the evolving needs of our clients while empowering and championing the employment of our nation's service-disabled veterans." 


Our holistic staffing solutions, implemented from previous contractual experiences working alongside industry leaders are coordinated with the input of our clients and designed to incorporate your specific needs with added focus on helping you to reduce costs, streamline processes, improve efficiencies, and allows you to focus on what you do best. With access to a database of more than 5000 professionals, a large internal presence within our organization, a broad network of external contacts and experiences in short-term, long-term and transportation care, rest assured that Pabulum-Huckeye will be able to exceed all expectations.

With dedicated personnel in place that have varied experiences across all areas of the staffing, program management and human capital sector, we are able to provide the services on any number of trained professionals dependent upon your needs. In addition to the above roles and staffing resources we can provide, we also specialize in providing a bespoke enhanced Entry Screening Service in the occurrence of epidemic outbreaks. This is informed from our experiences of providing services during the outbreak and peak times of Covid-19. Furthermore, we ensure that we have PPE Equipment on-hand so services can commence immediately. This is just one example of the numerous resources and tools we procure for our personnel. 

Pabulum-Huckeye has provided a number of services to clients ranging from local and federal government agencies, and private clients. We offer GSA billable rates and will co-ordinate our efforts with the client using an extensive communication plan, informed by our experiences. This is to ensure the staffing services we are providing are aligned with the requirements of the client, taking into account their needs for experienced staff with specific certifications and qualifications. It also ensures that our staffing solution is within the limits of their budget.



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