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Doug Peterson serves as Chief Operating Officer/COO of PABULUM Consulting, LLC to provide leadership to manage and execute services supporting PABULUM customers in the public and commercial sectors. Building expertise in government programs and operations, his career at NASA Johnson Space Center, NASA Headquarters, NASA visitor centers; U.S. Congress; Department of Commerce; NGOs and in the political sphere provides unique capabilities, experience and expertise.


With over thirty years at NASA, he played key roles in Johnson Space Center External Relations and Public Affairs, Exploration Programs and New Initiatives Offices and Human Resources with extensive experience working across the Agency and center organizations on a wide variety of management and administrative functions. As a manager, strategist and change leader he implemented new, metrics-based management plans in NASA’s Astronaut Office, External Relations and Public Affairs with significant experience in contract management. Future-oriented, he consistently develops new, improved approaches to organization challenges, implementing change management initiatives while ensuring optimum results in current operational functions. Additionally, Doug has parallel experience in non-profit and political leadership in federal, State and local campaigns and organizations for more than twenty years.

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