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Current Opportunities​

Ft Belvoir, VA

Position : Senior & Junior Fusion Center Analysts(New Jersey)

Clearance Required-YES


Tasks and Role/Responsibility Description:



  • Identify and extract essential information from intelligence products and investigations.

  • Discern and report patterns of complex behavior and activity.

  • Analyze data and synthesize information into reports for dissemination.

  • Navigate, research and support analysis with various pertinent source data.

  • Provide oral briefings and presentations on analytical findings.

  • Convey a clear and accurate understanding of present and future threats.

  • Apply highly developed inductive reasoning skills to provide a proactive approach to mitigate potential threats.

  • Initiate, establish, and maintain effective working relationships inside and outside the organization.

  • Advance specific subject matter expertise within the Fusion Center.


Collection & Reporting

  • Capture, assess, interpret, corroborate and distribute intelligence appropriately.

  • Enhance collection capabilities, disseminate intelligence to meet and fill priority collection requirements and intelligence gaps

  • Report raw intelligence in a timely manner via various media forms and documentation tools.

  • Provide general information sharing as necessary to determine key patterns.

  • Identify intelligence collection gaps and prepare mitigation recommendations.


Strategic Duties

  • Conduct enterprise-wide strategic information flow analysis.

  • Promptly convey any identified risk, vulnerability, hazard or threat.

  • Identify, trace and report potential intelligence voids and/or disconnects. 

  • Initiate and execute related studies as necessary to isolate root cause. 

  • Develop and report recommended bridge and/or stop-gap solutions.

  • Perform ongoing domain analysis in designated area(s) of responsibility. 

  • Detect and report trends and suggest possible threat mitigation actions.

  • Contextualize intelligence threats, gaps, and vulnerabilities.

  • Consolidate intelligence information to appropriate report format(s).

  • Deliver comprehensive and practicable strategic analysis reports.


Tactical Duties

  • Provide timely and accurate analysis and intelligence-led support to various operational entities.

  • Liaise with investigative squads and field units on-site or headquarters venue.

  • Assess and accurately communicate real-time analytic judgment(s), specific threats and intelligence gaps.

  • Recognize emerging threats, build domain knowledge.

  • Identify and develop collection opportunities and gaps.

  • Develop and deliver intelligence report spreadsheets, charts and presentations.


Lead Senior Intelligence Analyst



Basic Qualifications & Skills:

Ability to qualify for, obtain and maintain a security clearance. Minimum five(5) or more (+) years of intelligence analysis and comprehensive reporting experience, with written and oral report presentation proficiency. Advance analtical writing skill set t inclued: ability to proofread and correct analytical products, experience mentoring junior analysts on proper analytical writing techniques


Preferred Qualifications: The preferred candidate / personnel resource will possess: Advanced degree (preferred). Basic Risk Analysis Training (ex. ANL). Three (3) or more (+) years of experience in Intelligence analysis, data forensics and/or data correlation.  Two (2) or more (+) years of experience in advanced cyber threat mitigation. Experience with commercial GIS software (ex: ARCGIS). 




Junior Intelligence Analyst


Basic Qualifications & Skills: Ability to qualify for, obtain and maintain a security clearance. Bachelor’s Degree (minimum accredited education level). Basic Intelligence Analysis background and/or training (ex. FIAT course). Minimum of one(1) year experience in Intelligence analysis, data forensics and/or data correlation. Writing and/or training experience (ex. Academic papers, intelligence reports, LE reports). Basic IT / Computer training and experience (ex. Access, Excel, Word). Good communications skills, with public speaking and training experience. Minimum of one (1) to two (2) or more (+) years experience in analyzing threats and crime, outlining results, with ability to prepare and present analytic reports in both written and oral formats. Demonstrated critical thinking skills with ability to conduct research and correlate information.




2010 - present

2010 - present

ALL positions are subject to a National Criminal Background Check & Drug Test. Certain positions may also require a security clearance or ability to obtain a clearance.

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