Our primary Information Technology Security goal is to provide information technology (IT) security management and technical services in support of the IT Security Program. The services provided will contribute to the implementation of a robust, flexible, and forward-leaning IT Security Program that seeks to meet the needs of a highly technical and innovative organization, while adapting to a constantly evolving technology, governance, and threat landscape.


Our Information Technology Security service objectives will ensure that your organization:


  • Provides IT security leadership, guidance, and central authority

  • Meets all federal and agency documented policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures

  • Develops a culture of security-mindful professionals

  • Continually improves the use of multiple control types to provide defense-in-depth

  • Identifies and mitigates security gaps in the current IT security architecture

  • Responds in a timely manner to mitigate known threats and vulnerabilities

  • Develops and manages processes to meet IT security goals and objectives

  • Protects resources from unauthorized modification or disclosure

  • Conducts assessments on the effectives of the IT Security Program


We provide high quality technology specialists and project management teams to advise in the following areas:

•  IT Security & Security Controls
•  IT Infrastructure & Communications Network Support
•  Resolving and Implementing Cyber Security procedures and recommendations
•  Information Security (INFOSEC)

•  Assessments

•  Physical Security (PHYSEC)
•  Federal IT Security Laws, Regulations, and process
•  Cloud Computing Security and Privacy Policy
•  Security Education Training and Awareness
•  Access Control, Security Systems Maintenance & Repair, and Identity Management

•  Certification and Accreditation (C&A)

•  Networking
•  Compliance Audit
•  Penetration Testing
•  Critical Infrastructure Support
•  Disaster Recovery Planning

•  Security Systems Maintenance and Repair

Provide certified IT Security professionals in:

• Information Security Technology Management

• IT Security Training and Awareness

• IT Policy Management

• Program Review

• Risk Management


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