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At PABULUM Consulting, LLC we provide personalized Security services in Commercial Office Buildings, Store Fronts, Industrial complexes and Residential communities.

We adhere to strict standards of accountability and management in order to fulfill our commitment to provide the highest level of service and protection to our clients.  Our officers undergo a thorough and rigorous interviewing process, certification, registration, extensive background screening and professional training to ensure we hire the best qualified person for the position. 

Basic Tenets:
All security officers must show good judgment and common sense
Follow company policy and guidelines
Have a professional appearance and attitude
Be able to interact with the public
To take charge and direct others in emergencies or other dangerous incidents


We recognize that supervision and the quality of management greatly contributes to the success of any security program. We have the programs and procedures in place that allow our security officers to deliver high-quality security every day.

We don't just protect your investment, but we are determined to enforce rules and laws on the property, deter criminal activity or other problems, and at times are the First Responders in emergency situations.

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