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Houston, Texas

Current Open Positions​

Unarmed Security Guard


Guards MUST pass a drug and alcohol screen examination prior to employment.


Provide copies of Guards security commission or registration cards. New guards’ security commission or registration cards will be provided within thirty days from request Project Manager.


All Security Guards are required to carry and have clearly displayed on their person, a photo identification card (commission or registration), issued by the Contractor, at all times. This card shall include the company name, first and last name of officer, with the name typewritten or printed in black, a recent photograph of the employee, and the date of completion of commission class.


Health Requirements:

All guards assigned shall be mentally and physically able to do their assigned work. Each security guard must have had a physical examination within the last six (6) months. A copy of the physician certification giving notice of the results shall be furnished to Project Manager or designee before the guard is assigned to duty. If Project Manager or designee judges a security guard to be unfit to do their assigned work, that security guard shall be removed and not allowed to work under the requirements of this Contract.


Physical Condition:

Guards shall be in good general health without physical defects or abnormalities which would interfere with the performance of duties; possess binocular vision correctable to 20/30 (Snellen); be free of color blindness; and be capable of hearing ordinary conversation at fifteen feet with either ear without benefit of hearing aid as determined in the physical examination. The employee shall be capable of performing foot patrol in various weather conditions.


If a guard has a physical or mental condition that negatively impacts performance, he shall be immediately removed from all assignments.


Guards must maintain a high level of performance, and be able to perform the essential functions of their job to include, but not limited to, walking, running and climbing stairs, etc.


Special Qualifications:

Except as authorized in writing and in advance, every contract guard shall meet the following additional minimum qualifications:


Be a citizen of the United States or a resident alien of the United States and have appropriate work

authorizations as issued by the United States immigration Service, where applicable.


Be a minimum of 21 years old.


Must be a high-school graduate or equivalent (G.E.D.)


Be literate in the English language to the extent of reading and understanding printed regulations, written orders and instructions, and be able to compose reports which convey complete information.


A validated reading comprehension exam is required of all applicants to ensure that employees can read at least grade level 9.


All guards must possess the capability of operating a computer with basic data input skills, training and equipment will be provided.


All guards must possess a valid Texas driver’s license or Texas state identification card.

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2010 - present

2010 - present

NATIONWIDE CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS & DRUG TEST: all employees, subcontractors and volunteers who have continuing duties related to the related services are subject to a National Criminal Background Check and Drug Test.

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