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PABULUM recently received its CMMC-AB Level 3 Provisional Assessor Badge (#74). We are dedicated to enhancing our Nation’s Security by supporting the mission and infrastructure requirements of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Clients.

We provide the highest quality cleared personnel, SMEs, specialists, administrative staff, project and management teams - all are tailored to meet complex challenges confronting our clients by providing timely operations, administration, facility asset operations and maintenance (O&M), customer service, management, and technical support.

We believe that its beneficial for clients to conduct a process review in preparation for the CMMC Certification. Therefore, we have the experience and capability to perform Pre-Assessments (Gap Analysis) for your CMMC security practices. This will provide you the opportunity to construct an action plan in preparations for meeting the CMMC certification standards.

CMMC-AB Assessor Provisional LOGO.jpg
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